Tranquil City

The Tranquil City project explores areas of calm in the city. Its emphasis is to showcase environments that allow us to slow down our pace of life in the cities we live in and help create more liveable urban environments.

We are creating maps of tranquillity in the city, starting with London, to help encourage communities to make use of these spaces and to research the benefits to health and wellbeing that they provide. All spaces are chosen by you, the city dwellers, who already choose to seek out calm in your day to day or desire to do so. This way, we feel we can truly understand what people find tranquil within the city limits.

Join the movement by sharing your tranquil spaces on Instagram and tagging #tranquilcitylondon along with the location, to be included in the map.

By changing the way we interact with our urban environment we believe that we can help create a more liveable city, one that is quieter, more in touch with nature and with cleaner air. By encouraging the use of tranquil spaces we believe that we can help city dwellers actively reduce their exposure to harmful pollutants and help to escape the stresses of city life, as well as providing evidence that can help the way we design our cities.

To do this, we are creating the Tranquil Pavement London, an interactive map encouraging the discovery of tranquillity in London as well as helping you to find the quieter, more beautiful and less polluted way through the city.

Join us for our Tranquil Pavement London launch event and workshop on Tuesday 30th January at 6.30pm @ the Hive, 1 Melior Place, London. SE1 3SZ.

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We have made cities what they are today, so instead let’s make them good for us. Join the movement that believes in a more tranquil urban future. 

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @tranquilcityapp, Facebook/TranquilCity as well as at our wordpress blog. We will provide updates on how the urban planning world is helping to create more liveable cities.