Living in a city can affect our wellbeing in many ways, but they don’t always have to be negative.

What if everyone had easy access to understandable environmental quality information that helped them make healthier choices? How could that radically improve the quality of the lives we lead in cities all around the world?

Tranquil City uses expert know-how, digital tools and public engagement to support the integration of environmental quality information into the apps and technologies people use every day.

We shouldn’t have to move to the countryside to lead a healthy life. Our belief is that we all deserve to lead a healthy life, even us city dwellers.


Access our data

Curated, hyper-local and standardised datasets for cities around the world.

For: App developers, mobility products, fitness & wellness apps, property websites.


Solve urban challenges

Expert-designed indicators that make addressing urban challenges easy.

For: City and Local Authorities, Urban and Transport Planners, Business Improvement Districts


Connect tech with people

Empowering campaigns and events that inspire positive change in cities.

For: Public, Community projects, urban regeneration projects, businesses and behaviour change initiatives.

We all deserve to lead a healthy life,
even us city dwellers.

Our mission is to help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development
Goals through encouraging positive behaviour change in cities.