Tranquil City

Curating Urban Calm

Lose yourself every day

Cities are incredible but they can also be intense.

Sometimes we all need a place to slow down, notice our surroundings and take a moment for ourselves.

Tranquil City is a project exploring our relationship with tranquillity in the urban environment to promote health, wellbeing and balance.

We have started by creating maps to help you find moments of calm within the city.

Tranquil Pavement London

Discover moments of calm in the most unexpected places

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  • Low pollution
  • Moderate pollution
  • High pollution
  • Threatened Tranquil Space

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Get involved

Tranquillity is a luxury we can all enjoy, but it can have different meanings for each of us.

Each tranquil space on the map is crowdsourced by people like you, posting to the hashtag #tranquilcitylondon.

This way, the map can show what tranquillity really means for all of us and help to make our cities better places to live.

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