Tranquil Pavement London

Discover moments of calm in the most unexpected places

Cities are incredible but they can also be intense. Sometimes we all need a place to slow down, notice our surroundings and take a moment for ourselves. The Tranquil Pavement London is a platform for people to share and discover tranquillity within the city. Share your tranquil, calm or quiet spot to #tranquilcitylondon and it will be added to the map.

The Tranquil Pavement London was created as part of the OrganiCity Phase 1 & Phase 2 experimentations with our partner Outlandish Cooperative, co-creating the platform with the public, urban gardening groups, Local Authorities, and Business Improvements.

The Tranquil Pavement has been featured on Foxton’s “Essential data maps for London property investors” in 2018.

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"Beat the Commute" Routes

Partner: Go Jauntly

Our collaboration with the walking app Go Jauntly provided bite-size information on the benefits of taking alternative routes, including improved environmental quality, increased exposure to natural elements as well as the positive effect that this can have on health and wellbeing.

We are continuing our work to integrate environmental quality information into the Go Jauntly app to further encourage positive behaviour change towards walking in cities.

As featured on BBC News, ITV News London & the Metro.

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Clean Air Walking Routes

Client: Cross River Partnership

As part of Cross River Partnership’s Clean Air Villages 3 project funded by DEFRA, Tranquil City provided air quality monitoring services to quantify the benefits of 16 Clean Air Walking Routes across London, compared to if the ‘direct’ route was taken.

Tranquil City supported the project team to create, review, and refine the routes to best ensure they are suitable for walking and cycling uptake. Each of the routes was created using our specially designed “data maps” that featured the Healthy Streets Index and other environmental datasets (noise, air quality, pedestrian demand, and pavement-to-street ratio) to enable easy route planning. Our team also went the extra mile, conducting site inspections to ensure each of the routes was suitable for people with accessibility restrictions.

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COVID-19 Lockdown Impact Scenarios

Partners: Healthy Streets Ltd, University College London

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the significant changes in the environmental quality of London as a result of lockdown, our consortium team modeled the impact that this reduction in vehicle traffic had on the performance of streets against the Healthy Streets Indicators.

The key changes are in the ‘Clean air’ and ‘Not too noisy’ aspects, where 65% less traffic was reported and NO2 concentrations reduced by 30%. The final scenario looks at the worst-case scenario if more people drove to work to avoid COVID-19 infection risks associated with overcrowded public transport.

As part of our _Streets collaboration.

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Tranquil City Index Launch

Partners: University of Surrey

The Tranquil City Index is a rating that shows the potential for a location to be good for our wellbeing. The index considers many environmental, land-use, and land-quality aspects and weights them based on their ability to have a restorative effect.

The index was developed in partnership with the Environmental Psychologist Eleanor Ratcliffe at the University of Surrey and launched at a joint workshop event at the Festival of Social Science in November 2019, where participants tested the index for creating healthier routes. A full report of the event’s findings can be found through the link below.

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"What should green spaces in London to be used for?"

Partner: Sam Ayre & Cody Dock

As part of the Tranquil City co-creation event exploring various perspectives on how the National Park City (London) can bring improved wellbeing to the city’s inhabitants, we created an interactive art installation in partnership with Sam Ayre titled: ‘What should green spaces in London be used for?’.

The installation invited visitors to write on a small board their thoughts and opinions on ‘what green spaces should be used for’ or ‘why they were important for them’, and place it in the Community Garden at Cody Dock, Newham.

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Partner: Central Saint Martins Arts & Science students & Cody Dock

As part of the Tranquil City co-creation event exploring various perspectives on how the National Park City (London) can bring improved wellbeing to the city’s inhabitants, we collaborated with students on the UAL Central Saint Martins Arts & Science course to create a collaborative art piece that invited people to contribute to creating a skyline with words that they associate with “tranquillity in the city”.

The public participation work began at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park tranquil walk that was hosted by Tranquil City and CPRE London and was showcased at the National Park City Festival 2020 at the Cody Dock, Newham.

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Selfridges Wellbeing Events

Client: Selfridges & Co.

Our team created a series of tranquil walks as part of Selfridges & Co.’s Wellbeing Week and led to staff members to promote healthy ways of exploring their flagships store’s local area as well as staff wellbeing.

Members of staff were led on the walks and surveys created by our environmental psychologist were recorded to quantity the benefit of taking time out of their day to enjoy more natural, secret and quiet places around the busy and congested Oxford Street. Participants reported increased feelings of wellbeing and happiness as well as feeling refreshed, inspired and relaxed.

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Tranquil City Exeter

Partner: Exeter City Futures & Exeter College

A social media campaign to explore a more positive, calm, and healthy side to Exeter in partnership with Exeter City Futures.

The campaign resulted in students at Exeter College creating a photo book of images that were sold to raise money for the mental health charity Mind.

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OrganiCity Phase 2

Partners: Outlandish Cooperative, City of London, Lewisham Council, Better Bankside, Team London Bridge & Evelyn Community Garden.

An online free-resource for the public to explore, discover and be inspired by tranquillity that exists on their doorstep, funded as part of the EU Commission-funded OrganiCity project.

The tool helps people see their city in a positive light and to encourage them to lead healthier lives by choosing better environments to their spend time.

The tool was co-created with the public, community groups and local authorities, culminating in a sold out launch event.

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OrganiCity Phase 1

Health Benefits of Tranquil Routes in London

As part of the OrganiCity project, we asked the question to the public “Does travelling via tranquil areas benefit our health and wellbeing?”. Using a combination of crowdsourced and environmental data mapping we created the prototype “Tranquil Pavement”, a map exploring the potential for tranquillity and healthier routes across London. We invited the public to a co-creation event at the Future Cities Catapult to explore how the data could help them discover healthier alternatives to their typical commutes.

Using GIS techniques we then quantified the benefits of these tranquil commutes, in terms of air and noise pollution reduction compared to each team’s ‘typical’ commute journey. The results demonstrated significant health benefits if people regularly took more tranquil commutes in London.

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Other Projects

Catford is tranquil walk

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South London sanctuary spaces walk

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Church Street Avant Gardener Walk

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