We simplify the complexity of what makes urban environments good for us and create easy-to-use indicators.

The way we experience our environment and how it impacts our health and wellbeing depends on many different factors. For example, it’s not just about the level of air pollution or the number of green features alone, yet each has a part to play.

We are a team of environmental professionals who understand the delicate balance between these many factors. We create indicators that focus on specific urban challenges and balance many different factors together so that apps and digital services can easily provide healthy solutions for their users.

All toolkits are available on our API and can also be delivered for specific areas as a data download, upon request.

Tranquil City Index

The Tranquil City Index rates a location’s potential to be good for human wellbeing on a scale of 0-1, where 0 has low potential and 1 has the most potential. It balances environmental quality aspects that affect health, such as noise and air quality, with the presence of good quality green and blue infrastructure that can provide restorative environments. The index is developed in partnership with the Environmental Psychologist Dr Eleanor Ratcliffe of the University of Surrey.

It’s ideal for promoting the greenest, quietest and most restorative places and routes for people to escape urban life or to socialise with their loved ones.

The index is currently available in our ‘grid’ and ‘streets’ format as a toolkit.

Healthy Streets Index

The Healthy Streets Index gives a rating between 0-1 for every street using a composite of key city-wide data sets that each describes a critical element of Healthy Streets. A street with a rating of 0 is less likely to include healthy streets compliant elements whereas a street with a rating of 1 is the most likely. The Index is composed of the factors we know to have the biggest impacts on both human health and people’s experience of walking, cycling and being on streets and is the first of its kind. It has been created in partnership with Lucy Saunders of Healthy Streets Ltd, as well as researchers at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

It’s perfect for calculating and rating routes that prioritise pleasant and healthy walking environments that reduces the barriers to active travel.

The index is currently available in our ‘streets’ format as a toolkit.

Bespoke Indicators

Our expert team can work with you to create bespoke indicators for your specific urban challenge to support you to offer healthier and more sustainable solutions to your users.