Tranquil Pavement

We are currently developing the Tranquil Pavement; an interactive map that showcases crowdsourced tranquil spaces around you and highlights areas of relative low noise and air pollution to encourage the discovery of new spaces yourself.

The intention is to help facilitate a change in perception of our urban environments, celebrating the calm, the natural, the beautiful, the positive points that are present in all of our cities. We believe the city is tranquil, we just need to discover it.

Throughout our development of the Tranquil Pavement, we have investigated the benefits to travelling via tranquil spaces when routing through the city. By passing via spaces noted for their tranquillity, we are all able to improve our health and mental wellbeing. By allowing sometimes only an extra few minutes in our journeys, we are able to reduce our pollution exposure by up to 50% and at the same time improve our mental health by exposing ourselves to nature, calm which in turn is proven to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

We have recently been ‘digitising’ our map, initially using GIS mapping techniques to produce a printable map (available by sending us a request at, to make it available in a more usable way, in the human scale to be able to literally walk the Tranquil Pavement.

See the samples below. We would like to link with others to make this project happen and to make it available to as many people as would like it. We want to show that cities don’t have to be always busy, noisy, polluted and bad for us. The city can be tranquil.

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