Our Evidence published in the UK Parliament Urban Green Spaces Inquiry!

On Friday 9th January 2024, our Written Evidence on the benefits of urban green spaces for society, environment and climate (submitted on behalf of Natural England and the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) was accepted by the UK Parliament. The Committee’s inquiry aimed to explore how green spaces in built-up areas can help meet the environmental and associated health challenges of urban living. Alongside Tranquil City, many organisations submitted their evidence-based insights, including the City of London Corporation, Parks For London, Playing Out, London Wildlife Trust and urban design professors from the University of Sheffield and Imperial College London.

For Natural England, our review titled “Provision and Management of Green Spaces and Routes that Generate Additional Use and Enjoyment”, will be officially published on our website later this month – return to this space for more news! For DEFRA, our report titled “Acoustic Benefits of Green Infrastructure in Urban Areas”, will be released later this year. Collectively, these reviews provide useful overviews of the evidence base, as well as notable reference lists that relate to topics mentioned in this Call for Evidence.