Tranquil City at Portugal Smart Travel 2020

Last week Grant and Ben represented Tranquil City at Smart Travel 2020, a Portuguese festival dedicated to Smart Cities and Smart Tourism. The festival aimed to promote best practices, case studies, innovations and new services by encouraging interactions between tourists, citizens, city government and businesses.

Our presentation focused on supporting a strong legacy of Lisbon being named the European Green Capital of 2020 alongside the need for healthy and sustainable approaches to tourism as cities welcome more visitors during the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. We’ve been in continued talks with teams and the City Authority in Lisbon since our successful participation in the Beta-i Smart Mobility programme in February this year.

We discussed how the TranquilCityDataAPI can be used by Apps to encourage walking and cycling, and draw tourists into new areas of a city so that more local businesses benefit. 

We believe that Portuguese cities can offer a green tourism strategy that improves the lives of both the visitors and the locals, as well as the environment. We highlighted how people have been shifting their travel behaviour in recent years and now is the time to really capitalise on these changes after the pandemic, so that: 

  • Walking and cycling is easy and appealing
  • Visitors explore the city beyond the tourist hotpots
  • Visitors discover beautiful places that improve their wellbeing
  • Visitors can connect with the natural world
  • Visitors have a positive impact on a city and its people

You can see the presentation at SMART TRAVEL 2020 (4/12).
More information is available at