Who we are

We are a group of cities lovers. Us as citizens we believe that our cites are and should be great places to live. We envision our cities as clean, quiet, safe, open to all, walk-able, can create opportunities for all, beautiful, good for the environment… in other words tranquil places!


Tranquil City is made up of the following core team:

Grant Waters is the founder of Tranquil City and also an Acoustic Consultant

Alberto Calzada is a Data Scientist.

Diana Sanchez is a Socio-Economist

Julie Godefroy is a Sustainability Consultant

Ben Warren is an Air Quality Consultant

Come join us!

We want to involve individuals, local communities, artists, environmentalists, developers, designers and anyone passionate about the cities and inhabitant wellbeing to post videos, locations, sound samples and descriptions showcasing these areas of calm.

The more people part of the movement, the more users will discover about their cities lost tranquility.