Our mission is to drive the positive behaviour change that enables people to lead healthier and more balanced lives in cities.

Tranquil City is a collective of environmental, built-environment, psychological and data- science practitioners and researchers with the common aim of using their knowledge for human and environmental benefit.

Find out a little more about us below.

Grant Waters

CEO & Acoustician

Grant founded Tranquil City in 2016 after a particularly overwhelming period the year before led him to explore how tranquil spaces in the city helped him to feel well again. He is the CEO and has a background in acoustic consultancy with specific expertise in urban soundscapes and inter-disciplinary collaboration.

Ben Warren

COO & Air Quality Consultant

Ben is the COO of Tranquil City and also provides expertise in air quality. He has twelve years of experience in professional air quality consultancy, ranging from national, regional and local government technical support to monitoring, analysis and dissemination of complex technical findings.

Julie Godefroy

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability Consultant with experience in environmental, health and wellbeing strategies. Julie has been the sustainability advisor on the National Trusts Historic Environment Group for several years and is particularly interested in engaging urban audiences with our environment and architectural heritage, including public spaces.

Alberto Calzada

Data Scientist

Freelance Data Scientist, Data Engineer and Machine Learning researcher with experience in academia and industry. Predictive modelling, spatial and data analytics and data visualisation are some of his strongest points along with GIS systems, R&D and applied Machine Learning.

Diana Sanchez

Strategy & Socio-Economist

Diana provides experience on sustainable urban economics, and the quantification and monetisation of externalities. She is an economist, with a Master studies in Philosophy and MBA with a focus on sustainability and has 10 years of experience developing innovative approaches for integrating, managing and measuring social and environmental impacts.

Chloe McFarlane

Engagement Consultant

Chloe is an engagement consultant, with background in Geography. In conjunction with being on three youth panels (most notably Groundwork Youth), she has undertaken a series of placements with charities in London that champion community-led urban regeneration.

Katerina Papavasileiou

Strategy & Sustainability

Katerina combines economic and management science skills with experience as a project manager to provide holistic approaches on how we create places that people want to linger. She advises on strategy and delivery, is a champion of women in business and loves discovering how technological innovations change the way we experience our cities.

Eleanor Ratcliffe

Environmental Psychologist

Eleanor is an academic researcher and lecturer in Environmental Psychology at the University of Surrey who specialises in links between environment and wellbeing.

Floriane Ortega

Urban Planner

Urban planner with experience in both developed and developing countries. She has experience in climate change adaptation and mitigation in Colombia, worked in Sub-Saharan Africa in urban water supply and sanitation infrastructure and was involved in the metro project in Hanoi.