Discover the Tranquil City | City of London, London Bridge and Deptford

We at Tranquil City are kicking off our new experiment this month with the smart city initiative OrganiCity, in partnership with the co-op Outlandish!, the City of London, Better Bankside, Team London Bridge, Lewisham Council and the Pepys Community Forum.

We are exploring how by focussing our efforts on three very distinct areas of London we can encourage more participation with growing the Tranquil Pavement map, as well as demonstrating how the map can be used to challenge the very way we experience and navigate the city. We have teamed up with Local Authorities, Business Improvement Districts and Local Community groups in order to engage with local concerns and priorities. Our engagement areas will be the City of London, London Bridge and Deptford.


Our key concept is that by getting the Tranquil Pavement map out to as many people as possible, we can help people find time for tranquillity in their daily lives, promoting better mental and physical wellbeing in doing so, encourage a better connection with nature in the city and help us all find cleaner, greener, more pleasant and lower polluted routes as we travel through London.

How are we going to do it?

We are doing this by conducting tranquil discovery walks, exploration events and co-creation workshops for all to get involved with. These will allow us to listen to and work with the community to understand how they would like to discover and use tranquil spaces in their area whilst helping to protect and improve them. We will post when and where these events will be taking place on our website, Twitter and Instagram so stay tuned to get involved.


We will also be producing a freely available web-app version of the Tranquil Pavement in partnership with Outlandish! It will display your Instagram #tranquilcitylondon crowdsourced spaces, alongside easy to understand information on low noise and low air pollution routes. You will be able to see where you are on the map and use it to explore new and undiscovered tranquil spots. Watch this space…


Our impact

By conducting this experiment we hope to understand how we can relate Tranquil City to local needs and people, whether it is how to combat air and noise pollution in a personal way, protect a threatened community garden or park or to provide people with access to spaces where they can escape the stresses and anxieties of daily life in this city.

“Tranquillity is the place you go to when you want to escape the stresses of the city, reconnect with nature and reflect. We believe the spaces that help invoke this feeling are essential to our cities and to our cities of the future. Join us in putting these spaces back on the map of London, embracing them, celebrating them and helping to improve and create more for all of us to enjoy.”  Tranquil City, 2017

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Thanks to OrganiCity for the support. Thank you to David Wood, wiggle_icious and Michael Colman for the photos. Additionally, the Tranquil City project is proudly supported by Anderson Acoustics.


Kick-starting OrganiCity experiment into the health impacts of urban tranquil spaces

Tranquil City is very excited to announce that we have been selected as one of the 16 winning projects of the OrganiCity Open Call for urban experiments to help solve key urban problems. The call is sponsored by the Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission and it calls for applicants from all over Europe –

Tranquil City has been awarded with funding to develop our first phase of research, investigating the health and wellbeing benefits of tranquil spaces in London. We have now begun this three month experimentation that will continue until February 2017.

With this project, we aim to map noise and air pollution in London and investigate the correlations with the spaces that Londoners find tranquil, using our Tranquil City map points. This will allow us to research the health and wellbeing benefits of visiting and walking through tranquil spaces. Finally, we will experiment with prototypes of ‘tranquil routes’ through the city.

By better understanding what tranquillity is in the city, we hope to encourage the discovery, enjoyment and protection of tranquil spaces and how they can positively impact urban mobility.

According to the OrganiCity team our project not only tackles one of the most important urban challenges, but it does so in way that can truly make a difference: by engaging and empowering the citizens.

“London is one of the busiest and most hectic cities in Europe and people suffer from the stressed caused noise, air pollution and congestion. Finding ways and places for people to relax is an important element for the wellbeing of the population.”

These are exciting times for Tranquil City and we will be very busy over the next months. So get involved, post more spaces to #tranquilcitylondon and tell us what you find tranquil in the city to help create a more liveable one.

Watch this space.

Tranquil City team

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