Tranquil Pavements

Our free online resource, the Tranquil Pavement London allows people to explore cities from a positive perspective, helping everyone discover a bit of tranquillity when they need it most. The map shows the spaces that people go to find their piece of tranquillity, posted to #tranquilcitylondon on Instagram and Twitter, and uses noise, air quality and other environmental quality data to highlight areas that have the potential to be tranquil. We have started with London, but we’d love to hear from you if you would like us to create one for your city.

Aggregated Data Analysis Tool (ADAT)

Environmental data can be hard to find, fragmented and complex to interpret. We combine geospatial datasets so that apps, websites and urban intervention projects can offer more to their audiences and respond to growing concerns about environmental quality. We bring together data on noise, air quality, greenery, water, tree cover, built-form among others so that it’s all in one place at a 20-meter resolution. We then create bespoke indices to make it easier to understand these complex measures, our first being the Tranquil City Index.

Using this unique and powerful dataset, we provide consultancy to help integrate meaningful environmental quality information into apps, websites and urban projects. Whether you’re a well-established app wanting to offer your users healthier choices or an urban planner looking to easily account for holistic environmental quality considerations, our multidisciplinary data, and expert team is an affordable choice to help you stand out from the crowd.

Tranquil City Index

For those wanting a simple indicator of healthier urban environments, we have created the Tranquil City Index, a simple indicator showing the potential for a location to be good for us. This index has been created in partnership with the University of Surrey’s Environmental Psychology department and gives weightings to many environmental factors, incorporating psychological research on restorative environments. The index makes it simple to visualise which areas are more likely to be good for people, either being used in a background algorithm to optimise end-user options, or as a visual map layer to your website or application offering easy-to-understand information on environmental quality.

Tranquil City API

Our new product, the Tranquil City API, provides apps and website with easy access to our powerful dataset. This allows your apps and websites to offer more to your users, by responding to growing public concerns about environmental quality, in turn increasing usership and retention.

In essence, every app with a geographical interface could use the Tranquil City API. Help your users lead healthier lives in the city by integrating our simple, easy to understand data on environmental quality.

Tranquil Walks & Explorations

We can support your public campaign or employee engagement programme by running events to demonstrate approaches to life in the city that can improve wellbeing and increase positive feelings about the workplace and city life in general. We encourage healthy daily practices, exploration of the environment around us, promote regular contact with nature, and aim to increase the appeal of walking and cycling.

We can offer walks to show your audience or employees the spaces on their doorstep that they can visit in day-to-day life, during a commute or lunch break, for a bit of relaxation and the chance to return feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.