Our philosophy

Why is it accepted that cities are polluted, dirty, noisy, congested and bad for our health? Why can’t the urban environment be good for us? We believe that it can, through our own capability to actively make our cities what we want them to be. We can do this by adapting our behaviour and relationship with the city and by being proactive in they way we use and design our cities.

We believe that our cities can be quiet, green, walkable, in touch with nature, open to all and with opportunities for all, as well as having low impact on our environment.

An urban future

More people are living in cities than ever before. More are expected to live in cities in the future. Good urban design can help to reduce human’s pressure on the environment. For this, and other reasons, cities are great.

Due to density, urbanites tend to be exposed to more pollution and congestion than those in the countryside. Pollution isn’t just car fumes, it’s noise, it’s artificial light, it’s littering, it’s overcrowding and it’s even the pressure of the city on your ability to slow down. These are all factors that can negatively reduce your health and wellbeing if they’re not consciously moderated.

Cities tend to be greener than what we usually think. There are loads of tranquil and beautiful hidden gems. For this reason we don’t think that you have to escape the city to feel relaxed, get in touch with nature, find beautiful architecture or to just be a slow wanderer for the afternoon.

A tranquil future

Tranquil City is a project to find spaces of calm in the city and to promote them, a way for it’s people who are actively reducing their carbon footprint to benefit from less exposure to pollution, to enjoy a place of calm and slow down for a little while.

By doing this we can help to understand the real meaning of tranquility and to find its place in the urban environment. We want to enhance the value of our cities and to encourage a more healthy urban design, one that is beautiful just as much as it is good for ours, and natures, overall wellbeing.

This is why we have created the Tranquil Pavement, an interactive map encouraging the discovery of tranquillity in London. It displays crowdsourced tranquil spaces, alongside information on low noise and low air pollution areas, to help you to discover a calmer, cleaner and greener London.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we can discover new peaceful places while we walk to work? We know the quickest route is not always the best option to encourage walking. Take your time (when you can afford the time) and take a wander from home to work via tranquility? Check it out here: www.tranquilpavement.com

Join the movement that celebrates tranquility and encourages the liveable city.