#Tranquil City Exeter

Tranquil City has been invited to launch a #tranquilcityexeter campaign by Exeter City Futures this summer, as part of their goal to increase the well-being of Exeter’s citizens through energy independence and zero congestion by 2025. More information can be found her at https://www.exetercityfutures.com/

Using images tagged to #TranquilCityExeter from Instagram we will create a map of tranquil spaces in Exeter. The aim is to encourage low-impact mobility such as walking and cycling, celebrating nature’s presence in the city and also highlight the benefits of periods of respite for our mental well-being, which are all in line with the ECF’s goals for the future.

The #tranquilcityexeter map can be seen on our website at Tranquil City Exeter and can be loaded as a Google Maps layer on your phone or tablet.

We are interested to understand how our open approach to urban tranquillity can be transferred to a new city, and if the key characteristics of the tranquil spaces collected may be different to our results in London.

We will launching the campaign on Wednesday 14th June as part of their Princesshay Sustainable Transport day, alongside RideOn and GreenRide Sharing that are both challenging congestion in the city.

Come and be part of the Tranquil City movement if you live, work or are visiting the city in the next couple of months, and help create the cities that we all want to live in.

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