Welcome to the tranquil city

We are a team that believes the urban environment doesn’t have to be polluted, noisy and ugly. We believe cities can be good for our health and wellbeing. Our vision is to actively encourage urbanites to discover areas of calm in their cities and to use them to enhance their health and wellbeing when living in the city.

This is the first post of what is hoped to be many, to actively encourage tranquility in the city.

Have a look through our webpage, and read about how we intend to raise awareness of a healthy city, and join us in creating a better urban future.

All the best,

Tranquil City team

One thought on “Welcome to the tranquil city

  1. You may be interested in the East Walworth Green Links – a tranquil walking / slow cycling route between the Elephant and Castle and Burgess Park. It was created by the Friends groups of 4 small pocket parks to give people a low pollution, quiet and peaceful route to travel. It has been very successful. You can access our leaflet on the following link – http://www.2.southwark.gov.uk/download/downloads/id/14251/east_walworth_green_links

    from Peter Wright – chair – pj.wright1@ntlworld.com


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